W350SHD Super Heavy Duty

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W350SHD Super Heavy Duty


The model W350SHD Super Heavy Duty Dual Automatic Side Grinder has all the same features as the model W350HD. Plus, at a flip of a switch, the grind motion can be changed from standard, where the machine grinds IN & OUT at the same width, to LIFT OFF, where It grinds IN and LIFTS OFF on return stroke. Or step IN and grind additional material on the back stroke. This model also has AUTOMATIC SAW LOAD. This feature reduces setup time by 80% because at the push of a button the saw will automatically move up into position ready for grinding. FOB COTTAGE GROVE, OR



Lease to own for approximately $388.00 a month for 60 months with $1 buy out. Call to see what’s on sale!

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