W350HD Heavy Duty Dual Side Grinder

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W350HD Heavy Duty Dual Side Grinder


W350HD Heavy Duty Dual Side Grinder


The model W350HD Heavy Duty Dual Automatic Saw Grinder can be operated in fully automatic mode for rebuilding or manufacturing, or may be run in manual mode for individual tooth replacement. Standard features include automatic indexer with dual saw clamps, full flood coolant, grinding speed controls and tooth counter with automatic shut-down. It will accommodate saw blades from 4″ to 36″, radial angles of 0° to 4°, tangential angles of 0° to 6°, and hook angles of -15° to 45°. Offers grinding accuracy of ± .0003″. FOB COTTAGE GROVE, OR

Payments Approx. $19.91 per day! ($378.21 a month)

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