1/2″ H.P. 1″ x 8″ with Arbor, Ruby Wheel (New Wider Base)

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1/2″ H.P. 1″ x 8″ with Arbor, Ruby Wheel (New Wider Base)


Fast & Easy to use, the RBG Grinder, manufactured by Wall Enterprises, Inc., is designed to grind both left and right hand blades at any bevel you or your customers require. Fast and easy bevel adjustment is provided through the crank handle on top of the machine. Raising the stone provides a longer bevel, lowering the stone shortens the bevel. Also as the stone wears down, this specially designed adjustment allows you to use the stone right down to the very last bit. All RBG Grinders feature an extra-heavy duty steel frame and guard, a light gray enamel finish and a specially designed reversing switch. All electrical components are enclosed and have a grounded circuit for operator’s protection.


Additional shipping required, we will contact you after the order with the shipping price.

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