Scissor Sharpeners & Accessories

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#2 Chequering File


#2 Chequering File – Fine Swedish steel to last longer. The teeth are slightly larger, but fine enough for beauty/barber shears.

1 Pint Scissor Lubricant


Stops galling, dries quickly to provide stain free lubrication. Comes with stainless steel drop-at-a-time spout. Great for shears, files and drills.

800 Grit Diamond Wheel


800 Grit Diamond Wheel

A1 PRO TWICE AS SHARP Scissor Sharpener




Adjusting Tool


The Set Adjusting Tool will easily add or subtract set (curve) to the blades without damage to the finish or the cutting edge.

Angle Gage


This is the ?GOLDEN RULE? for cutting angle measurements. Hold on inside of blade on scissors and read angle.

Complete OOKAMI Gold System


Complete OOKAMI Gold System


Deluxe Set Screw Plier Kit


Deluxe Set Screw Plier Kit – The bit ratchets for easier adjustment and removal of screws. Kit includes: pliers, 8 sizes of bits, 10 ml Lock Tite for locking screws, instructions and handy storage box.

Diamond File – Fine


Diamond File – An inexpensive file for replacing the corrugations on European barber/beauty and some pet grooming shears.

Honing Block Kit


OOKAMI GOLD HONING BLOCK KIT – This kit includes the following; -2 Honing Blocks (20650), -3 Duburr Papers (20660), -3 Finishing Papers (20665)

Long Arm Extensions


Long Arm Extensions – Used to sharpen items from 14″ to 32″. Works great on curved paper cutter blades. Quick and Easy to mount to A1.

Ookami Compound



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