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1/8″ Stylis


⅛” Saw Sharpening Wheel – 7D – 1/8T – 1 1/4H – 80Grit


D=7″ T= 1/8″ H=1 1/4 Grit 80 These new formula resin bonded sharpening wheels have been primarily used for sharpening handsaws on the model #7 Stand-all. Because of their ability to hold a sharply dressed cutting edge and their ability to cut relatively fast without burning, they are now available in sizes to fit standard … Continue reading ⅛” Saw Sharpening Wheel – 7D – 1/8T – 1 1/4H – 80Grit

1A1 Style Profile Wheel- Borazon


3/32″ Stylis


7″ x 1/8″ Vitrified Wheel


7″ x 3/16″ Gray Wheel


MPG Complete Package


Complete package consists of: Tool Holders CBN Wheel Grinding Wheel Instruction Manual Additional shipping required, we will contact you after the order with the shipping price. Instructional Video Stylis’s

Profile Knife Grinder


To profile grind accurately from knife to knife, a method of dressing the grinding wheel precisely as it wears is essential. Model 746 addresses this problem with a built-in, easy to use precision dressing system. Specially-balanced heavy-duty 2HP motor and balanced pulleys assure vibration-free grinding. Motor and pump switches, plus control valves for all flood coolant lines, are found in the easy-access raised control panel.

Viel Profile Grinder


Make Your Own Shaper and Molder Knives Easily, Quickly and with Great Precision!

William Hussey Holder


Woodmaster Foley RBI Head


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